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Welcome to Auburn City Schools 2022-2023


I acknowledge my responsibility to respect the confidentiality of student records and to act in a professional manner in the handling of student data. I will ensure that confidential data, including data on individual students, is not created, collected, stored, maintained, or disseminated in violation of state and federal laws.

Furthermore, I agree to the following guidelines regarding the appropriate use of student data collected by myself or made available to me:

  • I will comply with school district, state, and federal confidentiality laws, including the state Data and Information Governance and Use Policy, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), 20 U.S.C. § 1232g and 34 CFR Part 99; and, and the (ENTER YOUR DISTRICT NAME HERE) Student Data Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Student data will only be accessed for students for whom I have a legitimate educational interest and will be used for the sole purpose of improving student achievement.
  • I understand that student-specific data is never to be transmitted via e‐mail or as an e‐mail attachment unless the file is encrypted and/or password protected.
  • I understand that it is illegal for a student to have access to another student’s data. I will not share any student’s information from any source with another student.
  • I will securely log in and out of the programs that store student-specific data. I will not share my password.
  • Regardless of its format, I will treat all information with respect for student privacy. I will not leave student data in any form accessible or unattended, including information on a computer display.
By Signing into this program, I acknowledge, understand, and agree to accept all terms and conditions of the Auburn City Schools Student Data Confidentiality Agreement.